We zijn overgegaan op een nieuw landelijk inlogsysteem. Je hebt daarover een mail ontvangen en het enige dat je hoeft te doen is opnieuw inloggen.

Heb je vragen of kom je er niet uit? Kijk dan bij de veelgestelde vragen. Of neem contact met ons op via info@huis73.nl of 073-680 2900 (tijdens kantoortijden). 

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About Huis73 in English

Membership (Library)

If you want to borrow books from our library, you will need a membership. You are a free member up to the age of 18.
For 18+ we have 3 types of subscriptions:

ONTDEK:  25 euro per year, borrow up to 20 items
VERDIEP:  45 euro per year, borrow up to 50 items
BELEEF:  55 euro per year, unlimited borrowing

Library Membership


Would you like to start with borrowing a single item? Just download the BiebApp on your smartphone and pay per item. It is quick and easy to find what you need.

Find out more about the BiebApp

Collections & E-books

Our library has a wide range of English novels and children’s books. We also have French, German and Spanish books. If you play an instrument, we also provide sheet music. Furthermore, with Pressreader you get unlimited access to thousands of digital magazines and newspapers in more than 60 languages.

As a member of Huis73 you also have access to thousands of
e-books and audiobooks from the national online library.
You can read them on your smartphone, e-reader or tablet.

Just install the Online Bibliotheek app

Activities and Art Courses

We organize various activities for both adults and children such as Storytime (in Dutch, English, Arabic and Spanish). We also have special baby and toddler sessions for you and your little one.

And if you want to improve your talent or discover a new passion, there is always a course or workshop for you to enjoy. There is plenty of choice in the fields of painting, ceramics, playing an instrument or dance. Please note that all activities are in Dutch. Check the calendar for more information.

Art Courses & Workshops

Study, work and relax

Huis73 on Hinthamerstraat 72-74 in Den Bosch is the place to go for your newspaper or magazine, tasty coffee and good free WIFI. Please come in and study or work, visit interesting exhibitions or treat yourself to a freshly prepared lunch.

Food & Drinks

Grow your language skills (Taalhuis)

Do you want to practice speaking or writing better Dutch?
Come to the library! We are happy to help. The activities are free for everybody; you don’t have to be a member of the library. Please note that all activities, events and help are in Dutch.

Taalhuis Locations